Mindfulness for Recovery

Learning and practicing mindfulness is an effective part of relapse prevention for anyone in recovery.  Our community is  a supporter of the practice of mindfulness as a means to maintain sobriety and enhance your life.

We are fortunate that in the San Francisco Bay Area we have a rich resource of mindfulness teachers who are in recovery and Buddhist and mindfulness centers.

Mindfulness practices and teachings are available from Kevin Griffin at local venues. Author of One Breath at a Time, Buddhism and the 12 Steps and the book A Burning Desire, Dharma God & The Path of Recovery.  Kevin is also a speaker and trainer in mindfulness practices and offers groups and practices for those wishing to develop a mindfulness practice to support their recovery and personal growth.

Kevin is also a co founder of the Buddhist Recovery Network.  For more information on Kevin Griffin and the Buddhist Recovery Network please go to the following websites.