Executive Luxury Sober Living in San Francisco

For many executives and professionals who are in recovery finding a sober living home  in the San Francisco Bay Area that they are comfortable living in is a difficult task.  The image and reputation of Sober Living homes that many professionals and executives have is that in general that they are crowded, dirty, have young loud residents and are hectic living environments that do not have other residents who are in the same peer group of mature adults.  This leads many mature professionals to dismiss the idea of living in a transitional sober house after discharging from a drug and alcohol treatment center.

Bay Area Sober Living residences are designed specifically for upscale executives and professionals who would benefit from living in a supervised residence with others in their peer group for support.  Our residences are upscale homes with single or large double rooms in upscale neighborhoods in Marin and San Francisco.  We have full time staff who supervise the residences and maintain a calm, healthy and well maintained environment.

Our house rules and policies are individualized to work with working professionals who have specific business, work and family obligations.  If you are seeking a comfortable safe environment I encourage you to call us to discuss your situation and how our residences work.

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